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Accessibility on the School Site

Whilst the school site is single storey, there are some areas which have stepped access.

The main school building is fully accessible with disabled person's parking and ramped access to the front of school. The main school courtyard doors have level access and all internal doors and corridors are of a suitable width for wheelchair users. Within the main school building there is a full disabled toilet and hygiene room suite including a hoist and accessible shower.

The Early Years area is similarly accessible on level access. Within early years there is an accessible toilet. The Early Years area connects to the main school by a short set stairs. Whilst hand-railed on both sides, these are not suitable for the installation of a chair lift and therefore for a wheelchair user to move from the main school to Early Years or vice-versa does require use of the access ramps outside school; school can provide support to access these ramps.

To the rear of school are 4 portacabin buildings. The Play Place has full ramped access along with accesible toilets - this serves as a small group teaching space as well as our before/after school and holiday club facility. The other three portacabins have stepped access and egress routes. Where a cohort of students moving into one of these year groups includes a wheelchair user or has an immediate family member who is a wheelchair user, it is school practise to relocate the cohort to appropriate accommodation.

All teaching areas have blinds and teaching screens can be adjusted to cater for visual impairment. Over the past few years, the school has been rolling out a refurbishment cycle which includes choice of colour scheme to appropriately determine doors, wall, floors, handles etc against each other.

We have several hearing 'boost' systems in school - one fixed to a classroom (and able to be relocated according to need) and one portable.

For any families who have English as a second language we can have letters translated into different languages, and arrange support from suitably qualified interpreters to attend meetings and so on. We also warmly welcome families providing their own interpreter where appropriate.

Website Accessibility Notice

We are committed to providing a website that is accessible to the widest possible audience, regardless of technology or ability. Thiswebsite has been designed to be as accessible as possible while still visually interesting. To do this we have considered a variety of features which are summarised below. Click on the links to see information on the particular accessibility issues.

  • Alternative Style
  • Images and Alt tags
  • Browser Compatibility
  • Coding Standards
  • Consistent Navigation
  • Contact

Alternate Style

The website has been designed to work with assistive technologies. We recommend that your computer or device is setup to enhance your entire computer experience. In order to achieve this please use the BBC My Web website provides useful hints/tips/guides to assist you if you have difficulty using the internet or have any accessibility issues.


Images and Alt Tags

We have avoided using excessive graphics within the web site where possible to ensure quick download times and access to information which cannot be read when in image format.

Where images have been used we have added 'Alt' tags, these are text alternatives that allow you to see what the image is meant to convey. This will apply if the image doesn't load, if you are browsing with images switched off or if you are using a screen reader to give audio descriptions of the web page.


Browser Compatibility

This website has been designed to work with the following browsers. If you are experiencing issues with the website it is recommended that you install the latest version of the browser.

  • Internet Explorer
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Google Chrome

Later versions of these browsers should continue to be compatible.


Coding Standards

We have ensured our site conforms to W3C standards for xhtml and css. Adhering to these standards should make our site accessible across browsers which adhere to the same standards, and should make our pages more accessible to those using screen readers and similar devices.


Consistent Navigation

Throughout the site we have tried to keep the navigation consistent. Certain pages are available from every single page on the website. All image links have text alternatives.



If you have any comments about the accessibility of the site please contact our Webmaster here


Paper Copies

If you would like paper copies of any of the information, policies etc contained on this site then please get in touch. Copies will be provided free of charge.

If you would like the information contained in this website in another language or format such as Braille, large print or audio, please get in touch.

Contact Us

General queries to:
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Mrs S Borradaile - School Business Manager

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