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First Day of Absence Contact Process

Parent/carers are responsible for the safe arrival and collection of their children to and from the school site. School does provide some outdoor supervision for first aid purposes from 8.40am until bell time, but official responsibility for pupils does not engage until pupils enter the school buildings through their designated entrances.

Parents are of course reminded of these arrangements (specific entrances and timings) through school newsletters.

For older pupils who may walk to school without adults, if a child has unauthorised absence or is not arriving on time, then school may request a parent make alternate arrangements. Likewise, if school has concerns about pre or post school arrangements (children not walking home safely, or being required to key hold etc inappropriate to their age or maturity) then again home contact may be made to discuss this.

Whilst school is not responsible for pupils who are not on site, it is in the interests of pupil safety and wellbeing that home school communications allow school to be clear about the whereabouts of every child every day and we have a legal responsibility to maintain accurate attendance registers.

It is a parental responsibility to inform school if their child is unable to attend statutory schooling.

However if contact from home is not received, school will endeavour to make first day of absence contact with families to secure information on the absence and code registers accordingly.

From June 2017, school will initiate a texting service where pupils have been marked absent but no message has been received.

Our system, revised for June 2017:

  • If your child is absent please ring 01937832899 and leave a message or speak to us directly
  • You may also email on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or use the ‘contact us’ section on the website
  • If you are coming to school anyway with another child, you can always speak to us directly
  • If we have not received a message from you by 9.15am your child will be marked as absent/unauthorised on our register
  • In this case, you will receive a text message (on your registered mobile number) from school requiring you to ring us with a reason for absence. You can respond by phone or email
  • Where no response is received the unauthorised absence mark will remain on the register
  • We would far rather you ring/email us before we have to text!

Where no message is received, absences will be coded as unauthorised and where such absence accrues, intervention may be required through the NYCC Prevention Service. This is a statutory legal duty on the school.


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