We do encourage children to wear our school uniform, which consists:

  • Round necked sweatshirt or cardigan - Royal blue (School badge branded article available via School Office)
  • Short or long trousers - Grey (EYFS encouraged to wear jogging bottom style)
  • Skirt or pinafore dress - Grey
  • Shirt/blouse - White or light blue
  • Dress (summer) - Light or dark blue gingham
  • Socks - Grey or white

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The following items of school uniform are available from our local uniform supplier (order forms in school though much is available from stock kept at the School Office):

  • School sweatshirts - Royal blue with embroidered school badge
  • Cardigans - Royal blue with embroidered school badge
  • School polo shirts - White with embroidered school badge
  • School T-shirts (P.E.) - Colour teams with printed school badge
  • Pumps - Black

(A name tape sewn on the inside of each garment is recommended)

Children are expected to change into sensible/practical indoor footwear in the school. This would usually be plimsolls ( a simple, cost effective version is on sale via the school office, with a small surcharge payable to the School Council for decoration using fabric paints).

Occasionally children arrive at school wearing somewhat eccentric clothing (and even hairstyles) and this can indicate a challenge to authority. In such cases the children will be asked, and be expected, to conform to a more conventional standard.

Children throughout school are expected to change for PE, into ordinary sports (football) shorts, T-shirt (colour ‘houses’), P.E. skirt, or leotard.  Colourful beachwear, cycle shorts or eccentric clothing are not permitted.

Children need a bag for their plimsolls etc. which will hang on their peg.  Space is very limited and for the junior children who bring a change of clothing for games, a duffle bag (long and narrow) is prefer­able to a large wide bag for which there is simply no room.

Most boys and girls play football at some time during the autumn and spring terms. The school's only requirement for this is that they should have a complete change of clothing. Football boots are not essential but they are desirable. The school possesses a number of pairs of soccer boots and we suggest that children rummage through them to find a pair that fit. All we ask is that they should be returned when the child has outgrown them. If children have any old soccer boots that are no longer of use to them we would be grateful if they would be donated to the school in a bid to build up our stocks and help other children.


For reasons of safety no form of jewellery (watches, necklaces, brace­lets, rings, earrings etc.) may be worn during P.E., games or swimming activities. On days when the children are taking part in such activi­ties we would ask parents to remove earrings before their children come to school. Otherwise jewellery that cannot be easily removed will be taped over.


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