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At Riverside we are proud to be a school that embraces the Thrive Approach. 

We know that children learn best in school when they feel happy, confident and settled.  However, children sometimes need a little extra help with their readiness for learning, and social and emotional development.  At Riverside, we use the Thrive Approach to identify and monitor these needs and offer support for children to develop their growth by accessing Thrive sessions within small groups or individually if required.  These sessions take place with our licenced practitioner, Mrs Carr. 

What is Thrive?

Thrive is a therapeutic approach that supports children with their emotional and social development. Our Thrive practitioner works with class teachers to carry out online class assessments to identify social, emotional and behavioural needs of any children within the class.  These assessments will help us to create whole class or individual action plans of practical strategies, techniques and activities to support a specific area of need for the whole class, a group of children or a child’s individual needs.

Thrive promotes positive relationships between a child, their peers and adults by helping them explore and understand their feelings through therapeutic play and creative activities. 

Why some children need Thrive sessions?

Many children experience difficulties during their time at school. To help them learn and grow from these challenges, they need to have people around them who understand and can support them.  Some children need extra support for them to:

  • Resolve difficulties with friendships.
  • Become more resilient.
  • Feel good about themselves.
  • Form positive friendships.
  • Become more compassionate and empathic.
  • Overcome difficulties and setbacks.
  • Settle in the classroom.
  • Manage strong feelings/emotions.
  • Recognise how they feel inside and how this is displayed through their behaviour.

These situations can seem overwhelming at times and cause children to feel angry, frustrated, sad, lonely, confused or anxious.  All of these feelings are normal and happen to a lot of children. The Thrive sessions are designed to help children learn to manage their feelings and teach them strategies that will help promote their learning at school.  This is done through play and creative activities, in order to allow them to engage positively during their time at school.

 If you would like more information about the Thrive Approach follow the website link Thrive website, read the leaflet below or contact Mrs Deakin, Inclusion Manager.



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