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Our lost child policy was most recently updated in Jan 2019 and can be viewed here.

Riverside School has in place the following systems for the protection of children:

  • All exits from the building have locks in place which allow for rapid egress in event of an emergency but deter unintended exit by young pupils. Whilst these exits are not easily operated by pupils, they do allow for pupil initiated egress especially by older pupils; therefore staff vigilance is vital
  • The school has perimeter fencing which includes locked field gates which are secured from 9.15am until 3.00pm and therefore deter any unauthorised entry/exit from site. Fence lines are in place around all perimeters (in most areas double fencing) which deters any easy access/egress from the grounds
  • An accurate and up to date register is kept throughout the day, and both adults and children, including visitors, are signed in and out whenever they enter and leave the premises , signing in at the front desk (stating times of arrival and departure) through Inventry electronic system. Staff conduct headcounts and registers throughout the school day to ensure all pupils are safe and secure
  • Because of the nature of the school site, with large grounds and several possible entry/exit points, children must be supervised at all times and vigilance of staff is vital at all times. Playtime supervision is documented in a separate risk assessment

In the best regulated situation, however, accidents can and do happen. These are the procedures to follow if a child cannot be found.


Anyone suspecting a child may be missing must alert the teacher and the Head (or alternate senior member of staff) IMMEDIATELY - the chances of finding a missing child safe are greatest if the child's absence is soon discovered.  This escalation MUST be made as soon as suspicion of Lost Child is raised and BEFORE search procedures are initiated by classroom based staff.

Staff must always know how many children should be present and checks should be conducted during the session.  The school is responsible for the missing child and also for the other children in the group.  Gather the remaining children into one group and a member/s of staff carry out an activity such as story time, whilst the search takes place.



Search systematically –

  • Alert Headteacher/senior staff/admin team immediately
  • Admin staff to contact the parents or emergency contact without alarming them. Explain the situation and double check that the child is not there or the whereabouts known.
  • Headteacher/senior staff/admin to deploy immediately to outer perimeter of school site (main driveway and visitor carpark exits onto Wetherby Road) and search inwards from there – to carry mobile phone/walkie talkie
  • If there are enough staff members available, one member of staff to walk the journey to the child’s house if they live locally
  • Other staff members to search areas proximal to last known whereabouts within site including toilet blocks and to move outwards from there
  • If the above steps do not locate the child, the police will be called. They have the resources to conduct a search and speed is important.
  • Complete an incident form and keep this on file. Report as appropriate to the Local Authority and Governing Body
  • Review risk assessments and site security procedures.
  • The above immediate actions to be held on a prompt card held by the admin
    team for immediate referral

This procedure was adopted

Sept 14


Jan 19

Date policy to be reviewed

Jan 21


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