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We regularly review how we track and report on Pupil Progress.


Pupil Progress Information

How does school track my child’s progress?

  • At the beginning of each academic year our class teachers review all of the handover information from the previous year, along with their own initial assessments, and set every child targets for the year in core subject areas (reading, writing and maths for main school)
  • Pupils are then assessed by teachers throughout the year; we make ongoing 'teacher assessments' against an agreed set of criteria for each of reading, writing, maths and spelling/grammar
  • These assessments are recorded formally into the school database just before Christmas, Easter, and at the end of the school year; we also record a 'pure test score' for reading and maths at or around October and February halfterm
  • At each of these assessment periods, class teachers have a ‘Pupil Progress Meeting’ to discuss pupils with their key stage leader or the headteacherand to check that all pupils are on course for success
  • Our Inclusion Team also checks off the data especially around certain individuals and groups of pupils
  • At the end of the year, our staff also spend quite a lot of time to the next class teacher

How will information be shared with pupils and parents?

  • Throughout the year, your child will discuss their learning with their class teacher. Where their ability allows and certainly as pupils get older, they should always be able to share where they are up to and what their current targets are, especially in writing and maths
  • Just before the Autumn and Spring parents’ evenings, your child will have a one-to-one discussion with their class teacher to agree and complete a successes and targets sheet
  • In our Autumn parents’ evenings, we discuss initial targets with parents alongside other hopes for the year, information about how you can help at home,withthe written target sheet sent home after this meeting
  • Progress towards targets is again reported formally to parents at our Spring parents’ evenings; again with a brief written target sheet sent home
  • In the summer term, we send home our end of year report which summarises the whole year and also sets targets for the following year
  • This approach means that you will receive three written reports/target sheets during the school year.

What happens if my child isn’t making sufficient progress?

  • We carefully track progress and any pupils who are falling behind are given extra support, initially by the class teacher, with other staff brought in as necessary
  • Likewise, pupils who are making, or are capable of making accelerated progress, will at that point be given tailored plans to provide for their abilities

(currently, progress against EYFS is defined in age bandings, we define progress against the National Curriculum iin 'steps' towards age related expectations; in key stage 1 and 2 pupils should make, on average at least 3 steps progress per year. Progress is at best defined as ‘lumpy’ so this does not simply equate to for example a step a term in year 2!)

Can I be sure that my child is happy and sociable and enjoying learning?

  • For the most part, this is fairly intuitive
  • We pride ourselves on ‘pro-active’ contact – we will contact you with any concerns
  • Please do contact your child’s class teacher in the first instance if they are unsure or anxious in any way – there is a lot that we can do, in partnership with parents
  • We hold weekly pastoral briefings, so that even in a large school such as ours, all staff are up to date on pupils’ needs

What does Open Doors Policy mean?

This means that we actively encourage you to ask us questions or share any feedback and worries. In the first instance this should be done with the class teacher. At any time in the year, just pop in to see them, drop them a line or call the office and we will be happy to make a mutually convenient appointment to discuss your child‘s progress or social and emotional wellbeing. This model applies for all year groups in school – Key Stage 2 parents, do not be ‘squeamish’ please, I know your child may be much more independent, but we are still happy to discuss things with you! Discussions shared early can often alleviate any worries and help maximise your child’s progress through school.

We will, of course, use our Open Door Policy the other way around too – meaning that we will contact you should we need to discuss learning, behaviour or, and hopefully much more frequently, share some successes!

As part of our Pupil Progress Information work, we have also produced a Parents Notes Sheet, which will help you prepare for Parent-Teacher Consultations and record any thoughts you have at the time.

Pupil Progress Information for Parents – notes sheet:

Download and print a copy of this notes sheet and take it with you to all of your parent-teacher consultations:




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