Charging and Remissions

Our charging and remissions policy was most recently updated in May 2017 for the 17-18 Academic Year and can be viewed here.

Riverside Community Primary School Charging and Remission Policy

Academic year 2017-2018

Attention is drawn to the following selection of the school's aims

  • Ensure every child: and adult in the school community will be treated and will treat others equally and without prejudice regardless of race, belief, culture or disability. Safeguard every child's right to be heard without prejudice.
  • Encourage every child to achieve their own potential within a broad curriculum where lessons challenge each child's ability.

This Charging and Remission Policy works towards the fulfillment of theses aims.

The governors recognise the valuable contribution that the wider range of additional activities including trips, clubs and residential experiences can make towards pupils' education. As part of their work towards upholding the school's aims the governors wish to promote and provide such activities both as part of a broad and balanced curriculum for the pupils of the school and as additional optional activities.


The governors reserve the right to make a charge in the following circumstances for activities organised by the school:

  • School journeys wholly or mainly outside school hours
  • The board and lodging element of approved residential activities deemed to take place wholly or mainly within school hours
  • Activities outside of school hours

The full cost to each pupil of all approved activities deemed to be optional extras (non-National Curriculum) taking place outside school hours. This includes before and after school and holiday clubs.

  • Additional Nursery provision

The full cost of additional sessions, bolt ons and lunch clubs (these are payable in advance and non-refundable if a pupil does not attend)

  • Individual instrumental tuition

Pupils taking music lessons with the County Music Service or any other private tuition provider will pay the full cost of the individual tuition; unless entitled to a subsidy from NYCC County Music Service.

Charging in kind

The governors reserve the right to charge for materials or ingredients or require them to be provided for design and Technology, Science, Art if parents have indicated that they wish to own the finished product.


The governors from time to time may amend the categories of activity for which a charge may be made. Nothing in this policy statement precludes the governors from inviting parents to make a voluntary contribution towards the cost of additional activities which take place in school time. Parents will be advised that the continuance of an activity may depend upon voluntary contributions, but once it has been decided to run such an activity no qualifying child will be excluded on the ground that the parents of that child have not made a voluntary contribution.


Where the parents of a pupil have been approved as ‘Current Free School Meals’ by the Local Authority, whether or not they choose to take up the meal, the following remissions apply:

  • No charge for school meals
  • Provision of free milk where a family chooses to take up this offer
  • Nursery lunch is provided free for those entitled to free school meals and staying full day i.e. taking two 3 hour sessions back to back
  • No charge for curriculum visits during school hours
  • A remission of up to 50% on the price of any residential visit which is deemed to take place wholly, or mainly, within school hours or where it forms part of the syllabus for the National Curriculum

Where pupils are entitled to Pupil Premium (through ‘Ever 6’ meals entitlement, Early Years Premium, Looked After or Previously Adopted from Care, or Forces Premium), a remission of up to 50% may be applied on a case by case basis at the discretion of the Headteacher, according to individual need and notional impact on that pupil’s individual progress and welfare. This remission discretion applies to before and after school and holiday provision, including Riverside Play Place; external clubs which have been sourced by the school as part of their termly clubs calendar; residentials; curriculum visits.

Most payments should be made online using ParentPay.

Main fees are set each Spring for the following September and communicated to parents 6 months before any changes. Our fees for 2017-2018 are:


September 2017

Play Place – Breakfast Club


Play Place – After School Club


Play Place – late collection

£5 per 15 mins or part thereof

Play Place – Holiday Club ½ days


Play Place – Holiday Club full days



KS2 £2.20 and Nursery £1.70

Nursery lunch club

£3 for ½ hour

Nursery ‘bolt-on’

£3 for ½ hour

Additional 3 hour nursery session where paid

£15 for 3 hours



All parents have welcomed the continuation of visits and off-site activities and have supported us financially. Typical visit costs for 2016-2017 academic year were KS2 panto £16 and swimming £2 per lesson. Residential costs for 2017 were: Year 4 Malham weekend £95 and Year 6 Wales week £320.

Reviewed May 2017


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