No Smoking Policy

Riverside School is a no-smoking site. This includes a ban on use of e-cigarettes on our site.


1.     Introduction. 1

2.     Aims of the policy. 1

3.     Implemention. 1

4.     Application of the policy. 1

5.     Signage. 2

6.     Non-compliance and queries. 2

7.     Help to give up smoking. 2

8.     Responsibility and enforcement 2

  1. Introduction
  1. 1.     Riverside School is committed to the health, safety and wellbeing of our staff, pupils and visitors. We recognise that we have both a moral and legal duty to ensure that staff, pupils and visitors to the school have the right to work, study or visit without being exposed to the harmful effects of smoking behaviour.  The school’s legal obligations are detailed under the Health Act 2006.  This Act effectively bans smoking in enclosed and substantially enclosed work and public places, as well as within the school grounds and includes a ban on e-cigarette usage on the school site.
  1. Aims of the policy
  1. 1.     The aims of this policy are to:
  • protect staff, pupils and visitors from the harmful effects of smoking behaviour;
  • ensure that the school complies with legislation; and
  • provide help and support to those who want to give up smoking.
  1. Implemention

This updated policy became operational on 27th September 2016.

  1. Application of the policy
  1. 1.     This policy applies to all staff, pupils, visitors (including parents, carers and relatives of pupils; and members of and spectators of those clubs that use school premises out of hours) and contractors.
  1. 2.     This policy covers all types of smoked products including cigarettes, cigars, tobacco, e-cigarettes with or without vapour and any device or substance that may be used for the purpose of smoking.
  1. 3.     This policy is applicable 24 hours a day, regardless of whether outside of normal school hours or during a time when the school is officially closed.
  1. 4.     Smoking is strictly prohibited:
  • in an enclosed space or substantially enclosed spaces;
  • within all buildings;
  • at any place within the school perimeter which is NYCC owned property;
  • at entrances to buildings, including doorways and covered walkways; and
  • in leased vehicles used for school business.
  1. 5.     Local opt out arrangements are not permitted.
  1. Signage

Appropriate ‘No Smoking’ signs are clearly displayed at entrances to and within premises.

  1. Non-compliance and queries
  1. 1.     Failure to adhere to this policy may put the school in breach of the law.
  1. 2.     Any queries relating to this policy should be addressed to the Head Teacher.
  1. Help to give up smoking
  1. 1.     The school wishes to encourage staff and parents of our pupils to give up smoking wherever possible.


  1. 2.     Help is available from the NHS Smoking Helpline: 0800 022 4332,


          In addition, individuals can contact their General Practitioner

  1. Responsibility and enforcement

Members of staff and the governing body are asked to ensure that parents, carers and relatives of pupils, visitors and, where applicable, contractors are made aware of this policy and that they comply with its requirements.


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