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Governors are people who have an interest in the role of schools in society and wish to make a positive contribution to their communities. They will have enquiring minds and contribute to the effective running of the school and the educational achievements of its pupils. A governing body's overriding responsibility is to work in partnership with the head teacher to promote continuous improvement in the performance of the school. This involves the establishment of a development plan, the setting of challenging but achievable targets and the interpretation of information to assess progress and determine appropriate action. Typically, a governor's duties will average at around 6 hours of time each month. Aligned to its improvement role, the governing body is there to be a 'critical friend' who can provide the right balance between supporting and challenging the performance of both the head teacher and the school.

 As part of the STAR Multi-Academy Trust, we work with a Scheme of Delegation to the Members and Trust Board - you can read this below:
For the 2018-2019, our Local Governing Body has a slightly altered re-mit since the school has academised in May 2018. Our governing body does not have any committees - instead it meets as a full board approximately once per month. In this way, every governor is fully involved in all aspects of governance.
The LGB has a close working relationship with the MAT Board of Trustees as detailed on the STAR MAT website. Our Local Governing Board for 2018-2019 is constituted:




Date appointed

Appointed By

Term in Office


Any Positions of Responsibility

Ian Butler

Chair of Governors


Trustee appointment


Appraisal Link Governor

Safeguarding/Child Protection Link

Charlie Heard

Apponyed by Trustees


Trustee appointment


Foundation Curriculum Subjects

Rick Miles

Trustee appointment


Trustee appointment


Finance Lead Govenor

Pete Carr

Parent Governor


Parent election


Sports Premium Champion

SEN & Inclusion

Prof Andrew Warnes

Parent Governor

 12/11/18  LGB board 11/1122 Pupil Premium Champion

Ian Yapp

Teacher Governor






Carolyn Walker

Trustee appointment



Trustee appointment



Appraisal Link Governor

Alison Woodward



Staff election



John O’Callaghan


Trustee appointment



Trustee appointment


Premises, health and safety lead governor


Register of business interests:

Riverside School 1819 Register of Business Interests

Governor meeting attendance:


Governor Newsletters:

GovsNewsletter Autumn 2018

pdfSummer 2017

pdfAutumn 2016

pdfAutumn 2015

pdfSpring 2015

pdfAutumn 2014

pdfSummer 2014

pdfSpring 2014

From our OFSTED report in January 2013:

Governance has improved considerably since the previous inspection. Governors have a full understanding of data and how it relates to pupils’ progress. They keep a close eye on the impact of any spending, including the pupil premium funding. Governors canvassed staff opinion as part of their self-evaluation. They responded positively to the criticism that they seemed a bit remote and have worked on raising their profile in the school. Consequently, governors go into lessons, look at teachers’ planning and accompany staff on ‘learning walks’ so they have a thorough knowledge of what goes on in school. They keep themselves up to date. They make sure that staff and pupils are safe.

Minutes of recent meetings:






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