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Tour De Yorkshire 2016

A few pictures from Riverside, where we created a HUGE bike on our fields using silver foil hop bags and school jumpers - well done Mrs Wallbank and helpers -  a brilliant job!
Also a few pics from when the tour went past and EFYS who had a 'bikes day' on the day itself!

STAR Battle Bots at Riverside

STAR pupils gathered at Riverside, where they designed, build and then battled remote control K'Nex Battle Bots!

Matilda 2016

What a wonderful couple of shows we had!

Below are just a few pictures of our cast:

The P Factor!

You've heard of The X Factor? Well how about The P Factor? Pupils at Riverside School, Tadcaster were set the task of learning a poem off by heart and then performing for their own class (poetry learning and recital are part of the new national curriculum).
Winners from each class then performed in the Grand Final for the whole school and the judges. Entries were varied with poems from Wordsworth to some cheeky self-composed limericks.

IMG 9861

Pictured here are the winners, Daisy and Evie-Rose with their prizes. The competition was such a success that next year it is planned to become an inter-schools event.
Headteacher, Ian Yapp, said ‘as ever, I am delighted by the response in our school community – so many pupils and families joined in this challenge. I had great fun being involved in the judging, delighting in how much effort and energy our pupils gave to reciting their poems.’


Robot Wars Come To STAR Schools 

Let battle commence! - local schools in Sherburn and Tadcaster recently experienced a robotic showdown when students  put their engineering skills to the test to compete in a motorised K’nex robots war!
The project is the brainchild of the STAR Learning Alliance (Sherburn, Tadcaster And Rural schools working together) where neighbouring schools combine to share skills, best practice and organise events.
This latest initiative follows similar rules to K’Bots – robot vehicles made using K’Nex kits and materials.
Pairs of students from schools across the region gathered at Riverside Primary School, Tadcaster, for the day, practising their creative and engineering skills before refining their designs ready for the afternoon ‘battles.’
Just over 30 9-11 year old pupils from the various primary schools took part  with some of local secondary students, from Tadcaster Grammar and Sherburn High acting as facilitators.
The sessions were run by Ian Botwright, a former teacher at Riverside and keen robot warrior, who now owns a not-for-profit educational computing company, ‘Conker IT’, delivering such projects as well as professional development for teachers.


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