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Welcome to the Autumn term, please click below for our newsletter and curriculum overview.

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docxSocial Media letter to parents

Pirates of the Curry Bean 2018

A few photos of our wonderful cast:

Leavers 2018

Some red carpet photos from this year's Leavers Prom:


Wales Residential 2018

See below for loads of photos and videos from our week in Wales:

Monday: - Super weather, a bit of traffic but a superb stop at Prestatyn, including a walk on the beach.  More photos to follow - a few technical difficulties here.  Children all settled well and happy.  Happy Birthday to Kathryn Acaster!


Tuesday: - What an amazing second day! The weather has been incredible - and so have the children. Only downside was the inevitable midge invasion. Gorgeous views and excited children. Heading back now for tea and a games night. Highlight of the day: Mr Lee capsizing his 3 man canoe - you'll have to find the picture!



More from another fab day!



Nearly home now - what a glorious week they have had. SUN! In Wales! Who would have thought!




SATs week 2018

Not everything in life has to be hard work - a little light interlude from our SATs!

Y6 Poetry

Year 6 have written some amazing descriptive poems about the rainforest- including techniques such as personification, alliteration, simile and metaphors.

Debate Pictures

On March 12th 6 Year 6 pupils took part in a debating competition at Selby district council. We won!


Joseph 2016

Video of our first cast:

 And our second cast:

Pictures of our Tuesday evening cast:

Pictures of our Wednesday evening cast:

Talk For Writing

Talk For Writing was created by Pie Corbett as a means of improving the breadth and quality of children's writing.


Year 6 Stockbridge Project

Over the past 5 years, our year 6 pupils have been involved in a project at Stockbridge, looking at growing and harvesting produce. Today we harvested onions (red and white), beetroot, beans, carrots and red and white cabbage. We hope that the children will be able to transform these ingredients into a delicious and nutricious meal!

Please take photos of the results of your culinary efforts to add to our page. Let's find those future 'Masterchefs'.

The children had a wonderfully enjoyable time and were complimented on their behaviour by the Stockbridge staff - well done Year 6!


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