Sex Education

Sex Education at Riverside

The school agrees that:

"...very great care should be taken to match any sex education provided to the maturity of the pupils involved, which may not always correspond to their chronological age ...(information)... should be geared to the needs of the class or group as a whole, and should not be determined by the pace of the most precocious pupils...At the primary stage, the aim should be to prepare the pupils to cope with the physical and emotional challenges of growing up, and to give them an elementary understanding of human reproduction. Pupils’ questions should be answered sensitively..."

It is our policy to integrate sex education in a natural and unforced way as and when the opportunity presents itself i.e. questions asked by individual children are answered. However, in Y4, puberty and sex education are introduced into the curriculum. Parents are invited beforehand to view and discuss the materials which are used as part of the course.

It is of great importance that the policy and its execution are clearly seen to be set within both a moral framework and the school’s aim of encouraging high and personal and social standards for each individual. We believe that the responsibility for personal, social, health and sex education is a shared responsibility between the home and the school in an endeavour to promote within each child a healthy and positive respect for their bodies and other people’s bodies.

Parents will be given the opportunity to exercise their right to withdraw their children from all or part of the sex education offered.


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