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We are delighted to become an IRIS Partner School

IRIS partner school

This year we have the fantastic opportunity to take part in scientific research organised by IRIS (Institute for Scientific Research in Schools). Initially the projects will be led by our Year 6 Eco-group alongside Mrs Wyatt and Miss Wright, but the impact will be shared and actioned by the whole school and hopefully by some of you at home! The Melt project involves calculating the carbon footprint of the school and reducing waste. This is part of a larger challenge to help remove 326 million tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere by 2025. IRIS is supporting school students in the UK to contribute to this important goal. We will also take part in the Well World project exploring how different environments influence our physical and emotional well-being. We hope to invite some keen gardeners in to share your outdoor expertise! At the end of the year, Eco-group will present our results and observations at a conference held at the STEM centre in York. Watch this space for more news on our findings and solutions!

The Principles of Science Teaching and Learning at Riverside School

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               Take a look at what's at the heart of the science teaching and learning at Riverside School!

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