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We are delighted to become an IRIS Partner School

IRIS partner school

Each year we have the fantastic opportunity to take part in scientific research organised by IRIS (Institute for Scientific Research in Schools). Initially the projects are led by our Year 6 Eco-group alongside Mrs Wyatt and Mrs Wright, but the impact will be shared and actioned by the whole school and hopefully by some of you at home!

In 2019 we took part in the Melt project. This involved calculating the carbon footprint of the school and reducing waste. IRIS is supporting school students in the UK to help remove 326 million tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere by 2025. To help with this challenge, Eco-group partnered Riverside with two schemes for repurposing previously non-recyclable items. We now send old pens and crisp packets to the company 'Terracycle' who can re-use or upcycle these materials. We also make 'Ecobricks' and are hoping to build some furniture with our bricks in the near future! See our research poster below for more information. Well done to Eco-group who presented this work at a conference held at the STEM centre in York.

pdfMELT project poster

Eco-group 2020 are continuing to focus on reducing plastic waste - watch this space for our findings and solutions!

British Science Week at Riverside!

This year we asked you to send in your 'Science Selfies' and what a fantastic job you did! Science naturally occurs all around us and lots of you took photographs of science at home - baking, magnetism, plant growing and so much more!

The Principles of Science Teaching and Learning at Riverside School

At Riverside we provide pupils with exciting opportunities to work scientifically. There are 5 different types of enquiry for children to become familiar with during their primary school journey:

Observation over time - how do plants change as they grow? Do habitats change during the year?
Pattern seeking - do tall plants grow from bigger seeds? Do taller people have the largest feet?
Identifying, classifying and grouping - is it a living thing or not? Will it float or sink?
Comparative and fair testing - can we change one variable at a time to find out which material makes the best parachute?
Research using secondary sources - what do different animals eat? How does an aeroplane fly?

We encourage children to be curious and ask questions about the world around us.

               Take a look at what's at the heart of the science teaching and learning at Riverside School!


pdfPrinciples of science


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