Music is important in the life of the school.  The school uses music scheme materials to provide a common, developmental, progressive and structured core. This scheme is called Charanga.  Children in every year group are given the opportunity to listen, appraise, compose and perform music with their peers. 

All pupils in year 4 are given a musical instrument (clarinet, trumpet or trombone) for half of the year.  They are able to take the instrument home and are taught for 1 hour per week through class music activities.  They can also access ‘Charanga’ at home to enhance their learning experience.  At the end of their 6 months, children perform to parents.

The County Music Service, through its peripatetic teachers, currently offer in-school tuition on the following instruments: violin, viola, cello, keyboard, guitar, trumpet/cornet, trombone, clarinet, and flute.  Parents who wish for their children to learn an instrument through the County’s Music Service must apply by completing and submitting the appropriate request form which is available from the school office.  It is important to note that parents are expected to make a financial contribution towards tuition fees, however, the school owns a number flutes and clarinets which children are very welcome to borrow and take home to practise with.  A more affordable way for children to experience learning an instrument is through the ‘Groups of 8’ scheme. Children can learn a variety of instruments, in a group of 8, including free instrumental loan.

Each year approximately 90-100 of our eldest children take part in a spectacular concert in Manchester Arena – Young Voices, along with over 6,000 children.  There are other regular performances throughout the year, including Christmas performances in Early Years, KS1 and KS2, a Y3/4 show in Spring and the end of year performance for Y5/6, which takes place in the Riley Smith Hall.  Children are given many opportunities to enjoy performing, whether as a soloist or in a group.      

At Riverside , our Music Curriculum intent and implementation looks like this:



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