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Information and Communication Technology and Computing

Information and Communication Technology is provided for all children. Its place in the curriculum is concerned with the development of confident and purposeful use of I.T. equipment as well as software to enable the children to communicate, handle information, support their problem solving, recording and expressive work. Clearly, the use of I.T. impinges on all subjects and cross-curricular themes. As part of our provision we have a wonderful suite of 30 computers for school and community use. As well as this, each class has at least two PCs and access to additional lap top computers. We also have a set of net-books and ipads for use in class and around the local community. All school hardware is updated on a rolling replacement cycle. Interactive ‘SMART board’ teaching screens are installed in all classrooms as well as in the ICT suite and 'Play Place'. Each Key Stage Two class now has it's own ipad for pupils and teachers to use and explore while each Key Stage One class has two ipad mini's which allow pupils to expreience a range of modern computing. These also allow teachers to use technology to help bring all areas of the curriculum to life by linking them to their classroom SMART boards. All of our computers are networked and connected to the internet via the Local Authority ‘firewall.’


The UK Council for Child Internet Safety has released this useful guide to safer use of social media:

pdfClick to Download The UKCCIS Social_Media_Guidance


Internet Safety:

Ensuring internet safety for pupils is paramount and parents are encouraged to get in contact with school if we can support this in anyway at home. For advice on Internet safety and to see the resources used to teach this in school, see our letter to parents embedded below. Please also view our online safety 'emoji code' which is visible in every classroom around school as well as in communal areas. This may also be useful for parents to print and have on display at home to reinforce it's message.



Social media, while having many benefits, is not something we encourage at school; as stated in our letter to parents. Please see below the age restrictions that we strongly reccomend parents adhere to.

social media ages 


Click on the year group links below, which are year group targets for pupils on how they can stay safe when using computers:





Useful Links:

The CEOP website offers useful information on keeping children safe online

Our Acceptable Use Policy can be found HERE



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