Children are offered many opportunities to express themselves with a variety of media. The influence of a number of artists is investigated in a simple way and their pictorial representations are used as a stimu¬≠lus for the children.

Art work is exhibited throughout the school with a view to increasing the attractiveness of the school, to encourage and stimulate children, and to demonstrate that the school values quality and effort.

 This is an example of some of the art we created so far, this academic year.

Click here to see more examples of recent art work.


Click this link to see our big draw day from this year.


The children worked with the artist Phil Egglin, who used the pupils drawings as a focus for his own art. This art was exhibited at York Art Gallery.


In November this year, the whole school took part in the big draw, to celebrate an international day of drawing. Our theme this year was "flying machines" and everyone participated with great enthusiasm. It was really nice to invite the parents in to draw with the children as well.




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